2 July 2016

Our expertise


We propose our expertise in numerous domains such as :

In the field of control command

  • In the forme of technical assistance
  • In the form of standard contracts under the responsibility of the customer service with the commitment on the duration and amount.
  • On response to tender with commitment to project success.

In the field of Industrial Computing

  • Implementation of survey and benefits realization in functional specifications.
  • Organic analysis.
  • Codinfg realization and commissioning of facilites.

In the field of Automation

  • Functional analysis and specifications.
  • Organic analysis.
  • Network architecture.
  • Coding achivement.
  • OPerating graph.
  • Commissioning of the facility.

In the field of Electrical

  • Realization of schematic study services provided under various software.
  • Realisation of shcematics, diagrams or wired overall industrial troubleshooting diagram.